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Printer, All-in-One Install & Setup topics
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Description: Printer, All-in-One Install & Setup topics
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Last messages
1315 all in one printer
Wed, 20 Jun 2012 03:07:02 GMT

I have had this 1315 all in one printer for a long time and have changed cartridges often, but this time even though it printed a test page which I ran, it won't stop doing that.  Each time I cut the printer on it prints a test page and asks me to align the cartridge.  How do I get it to stop?
Problem with Photosmart C7280 scanner function with macintosh OSX 10.7.4
Wed, 20 Jun 2012 02:17:18 GMT

I am having trouble with the scan function on my C7280.  It is wirelessly connected to my computer, and when I open the scanner function, it gives me the overview scan, however I cannot actually scan any document because the "scan" function is pale gray, and not usable option. Please help!!  
HP Deskjet 3070 B611 - Wireless printer setup failing
Wed, 20 Jun 2012 00:15:50 GMT

HP Deskjet 3070 B611 - Wireless printer setupi am unable to connect to the wireless feature for this printer. When connected via USB it is ok. however although i can "see" the HP  wireless connection on my PC when i try to configure the setup it fails to connect. The salesperson said i did not need to have my own wireless router setup as the HP printer (in effect) transmits it's own signal. Again although I  can see this signal if i try to configure the Printer setup to use it, it fails. Is there something else i need to do ? note i do not have a firewall configured (unless my Norton 360 virus checker is blocking this somehow. please advise if this might be the cause of the problem. I am runninf windows7
HP 4500 All in one fails to load scanner software
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 23:04:43 GMT

HP 4500 all in one (unused wireless)XP Home 4500 fails to load scanner software. Tech suport says my system has viruses and requires $100 to $300service for fix.  This in my opinion is a scam. I can take a new desktop out of the box and go on the internetand have "viruses" which do not interfere with software but listas an anomaly which can be said to be "infected". I have a hp 4500 which has no scan - HP should be ashamed andwill not be my next printer provider.
HP Printer software dumps all it's fils in Startup on W7
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 21:59:05 GMT

Why does my HP printers and this has happened with several, dump dozens of files into Windows Startup folder?Example:[Startup Programs]Program Command User Name Location  acfpdf acfpdf.txt NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  acpdf250 acpdf250.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  acpdf251 acpdf251.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  acpdf400 acpdf400.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  acpdf450 acpdf450.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  acpdfui250 acpdfui250.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  acpdfui251 acpdfui251.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  acpdfui400 acpdfui400.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  acpdfui450 acpdfui450.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  cdintf450 cdintf450.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNDDE4H epndde4h.cfg NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNDDE4H epndde4h.dat NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNDRV01 epndrv01.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNDVE4H epndve4h.bud NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNDVE4H epndve4h.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNDVE4H epndve4h.ini NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNDVX00 epndvx00.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNDVX4H epndvx4h.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNGUI11 epngui11.hlp NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNGUI40 epngui40.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNHTE4H epnhte4h.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNUTI57 epnuti57.dxt NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPNUTX22 epnutx22.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  EPUTBM07 eputbm07.wbf NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  fxsapi fxsapi.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  fxsdrv fxsdrv.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  fxsres fxsres.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  fxstiff fxstiff.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  fxsui fxsui.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  fxswzrd fxswzrd.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpbcfgre hpbcfgre.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpc27276 hpc27276.bud NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpc27276 hpc27276.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpc27276 hpc27276.xml NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpc2727c hpc2727c.ini NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpcdmc32 hpcdmc32.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpcp2727 hpcp2727.exp NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpfax1 hpfax1.bud NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpfax1 hpfax1.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpfmom10 hpfmom10.hlp NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  HPLJ3 hplj3.bud NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  HPLJ3 hplj3.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpof4210 hpof4210.dat NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpofax08 hpofax08.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpop4210 hpop4210.dat NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpop6210 hpop6210.rgn NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpopeb10 hpopeb10.rgn NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hppfaxprinter5 hppfaxprinter5.ini NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hppfaxprinterui5 hppfaxprinterui5.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hppfaxprinteruni5 hppfaxprinteruni5.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpz2ku10 hpz2ku10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpz3r072 hpz3r072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpz6m072 hpz6m072.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpz6r072 hpz6r072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzbr072 hpzbr072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzc3072 hpzc3072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzcfg10 hpzcfg10.exe NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzcoi10 hpzcoi10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzcon10 hpzcon10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzeng10 hpzeng10.exe NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzev072 hpzev072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzflt10 hpzflt10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  HPZHL072 NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzhm072 hpzhm072.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzimc10 hpzimc10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzime10 hpzime10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzims10 hpzims10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzjui10 hpzjui10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzlnt10 hpzlnt10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzls072 hpzls072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzpcl10 hpzpcl10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzpe072 hpzpe072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzpi072 hpzpi072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzpm310 hpzpm310.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzpre10 hpzpre10.exe NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzr3210 hpzr3210.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzres10 hpzres10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzrm310 hpzrm310.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzsc072 hpzsc072.dtd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzslk10 hpzslk10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzsm072 hpzsm072.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzsnt10 hpzsnt10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzss072 hpzss072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzst072 hpzst072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzstc10 hpzstc10.exe NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzstw10 hpzstw10.exe NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpztbi10 hpztbi10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpztbu10 hpztbu10.exe NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpztbx10 hpztbx10.exe NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzui072 hpzui072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzur072 hpzur072.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  hpzvip10 hpzvip10.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  mxdwdrv mxdwdrv.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  mxdwdui mxdwdui.bud NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  mxdwdui mxdwdui.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  mxdwdui mxdwdui.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  mxdwdui mxdwdui.ini NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  PCL5ERES pcl5eres.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  pclxl pclxl.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  pclxl pclxl.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  pjl pjl.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  stddtype stddtype.gdl NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  stdnames stdnames.gpd NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  stdschem stdschem.gdl NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  stdschmx stdschmx.gdl NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  unidrv unidrv.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  unidrv unidrv.hlp NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  unidrvui unidrvui.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  unires unires.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  XpsSvcs xpssvcs.dll NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Startup  desktop desktop.ini VANESSACSR\Vanessa Theisen Startup  Dropbox dropbox.lnk VANESSACSR\Vanessa Theisen Startup  acfpdf acfpdf.txt .DEFAULT Startup  acpdf250 acpdf250.dll .DEFAULT Startup  acpdf251 acpdf251.dll .DEFAULT Startup  acpdf400 acpdf400.dll .DEFAULT Startup  acpdf450 acpdf450.dll .DEFAULT Startup  acpdfui250 acpdfui250.dll .DEFAULT Startup  acpdfui251 acpdfui251.dll .DEFAULT Startup  acpdfui400 acpdfui400.dll .DEFAULT Startup  acpdfui450 acpdfui450.dll .DEFAULT Startup  cdintf450 cdintf450.dll .DEFAULT Startup  EPNDDE4H epndde4h.cfg .DEFAULT Startup  EPNDDE4H epndde4h.dat .DEFAULT Startup  EPNDRV01 epndrv01.dll .DEFAULT Startup  EPNDVE4H epndve4h.bud .DEFAULT Startup  EPNDVE4H epndve4h.gpd .DEFAULT Startup  EPNDVE4H epndve4h.ini .DEFAULT Startup  EPNDVX00 epndvx00.gpd .DEFAULT Startup  EPNDVX4H epndvx4h.gpd .DEFAULT Startup  EPNGUI11 epngui11.hlp .DEFAULT Startup  EPNGUI40 epngui40.dll .DEFAULT Startup  EPNHTE4H epnhte4h.dll .DEFAULT Startup  EPNUTI57 epnuti57.dxt .DEFAULT Startup  EPNUTX22 epnutx22.dll .DEFAULT Startup  EPUTBM07 eputbm07.wbf .DEFAULT Startup  fxsapi fxsapi.dll .DEFAULT Startup  fxsdrv fxsdrv.dll .DEFAULT Startup  fxsres fxsres.dll .DEFAULT Startup  fxstiff fxstiff.dll .DEFAULT Startup  fxsui fxsui.dll .DEFAULT Startup  fxswzrd fxswzrd.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpbcfgre hpbcfgre.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpc27276 hpc27276.bud .DEFAULT Startup  hpc27276 hpc27276.gpd .DEFAULT Startup  hpc27276 hpc27276.xml .DEFAULT Startup  hpc2727c hpc2727c.ini .DEFAULT Startup  hpcdmc32 hpcdmc32.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpcp2727 hpcp2727.exp .DEFAULT Startup  hpfax1 hpfax1.bud .DEFAULT Startup  hpfax1 hpfax1.gpd .DEFAULT Startup  hpfmom10 hpfmom10.hlp .DEFAULT Startup  HPLJ3 hplj3.bud .DEFAULT Startup  HPLJ3 hplj3.gpd .DEFAULT Startup  hpof4210 hpof4210.dat .DEFAULT Startup  hpofax08 hpofax08.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpop4210 hpop4210.dat .DEFAULT Startup  hpop6210 hpop6210.rgn .DEFAULT Startup  hpopeb10 hpopeb10.rgn .DEFAULT Startup  hppfaxprinter5 hppfaxprinter5.ini .DEFAULT Startup  hppfaxprinterui5 hppfaxprinterui5.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hppfaxprinteruni5 hppfaxprinteruni5.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpz2ku10 hpz2ku10.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpz3r072 hpz3r072.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpz6m072 hpz6m072.gpd .DEFAULT Startup  hpz6r072 hpz6r072.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzbr072 hpzbr072.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzc3072 hpzc3072.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzcfg10 hpzcfg10.exe .DEFAULT Startup  hpzcoi10 hpzcoi10.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzcon10 hpzcon10.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzeng10 hpzeng10.exe .DEFAULT Startup  hpzev072 hpzev072.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzflt10 hpzflt10.dll .DEFAULT Startup  HPZHL072 .DEFAULT Startup  hpzhm072 hpzhm072.gpd .DEFAULT Startup  hpzimc10 hpzimc10.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzime10 hpzime10.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzims10 hpzims10.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzjui10 hpzjui10.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzlnt10 hpzlnt10.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzls072 hpzls072.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzpcl10 hpzpcl10.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzpe072 hpzpe072.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzpi072 hpzpi072.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzpm310 hpzpm310.dll .DEFAULT Startup  hpzpre10 hpzpre10.exe .DEFAULT Startup  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Deskjet 2050A j611
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 21:27:05 GMT

Hi i keep getting this when i install software and drivers
Need HP Solution Center software for Officejet J4540. Desperate. Please. Thank you!!
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 21:22:46 GMT

Hi - can any one get me a link to be able to download the HP Solution Center software - please. I need to be able to scan multiple pages and have them combined into one document (like a pdf). Thanks
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 21:01:22 GMT

CANNOT DOWNLOAD DRIVER FOR HP Deskjet F4500  ALL IN ONE PRINTER - I have an HP laptop with AMD E300 APU 1.30 GHZ 64bit running Windows 7 - install stops (both from disc and web download attempt) and says "the file cannot be accessed by the system" and then shows this file:   c:\programfiles\hp\(0AFFEA39-60AF-4C4F-BB47-4A1F7CB12129)\GUP\AUTO
HP Officejet/7130xi
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 20:48:28 GMT

Recently upgraded my Officejet/7130xi printer and can't seem to delete the software, using Windows XP, online utility or 7130xi CD.
HP Wireless Printer
Tue, 19 Jun 2012 20:19:50 GMT

I got a printer yesterday. M1217nfw MFP. I can't get it to work wireless using windows 7 and I can't get the software to load on Vista. On the vista system, the computer recognizes the printer. but the printer doesn't act like it is connected. I got online help yesterday, but can't get back to it.

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