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Printer, All-in-One Software & Drivers topics
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Printer, All-in-One Software & Drivers topics
Fax receive error on CM 1415
Sat, 14 Apr 2012 03:48:11 GMT

I have a CM 1415 all-in-one on a wireless network. My PC is an HP Compaq 6820s w/Win XP Pro. I am having trouble with the fax portion of the machine. When a call comes in on the fax line and no fax is received, the fax just sits there and says 'connecting' on the screen. I manually press cancel and the machine then displays 'cancelling' and is locked there. I have to turn the machine off to get it to reset. I have done noting to this machine other that update software/firmware as it become available. Any ideas?
HP Photosmart essentials 3.5 suddenly cannot locate pictures on iPad, iPhone (was working before)
Sat, 14 Apr 2012 03:13:54 GMT

After plugging in our iPhone and iPad into our computer (runs Vista home premium, 64 bit, version 6.0.6002), HP photosmart essentials 3.5 started, indicated it located the device, but instead of populating the window with pictures, it indicated no pictures were found - it could not locate any new or previously imported pictures still on the device.  This occured for all 3 of our Apple devices, from which we have previously successfully importing pictures.   Interestingly, the software successfully imported pictures from my Canon it seems to be only the Apple products it is having a problem with. The only out-of-the ordinary thing that occured with the computer PRIOR to this error occurring is creating restore discs earlier in the week.  Possibly coincidentally, shortly after we located a new file embedded in our picture directory (titled 04-09-2012") that had an HP subfolder which had a number of subfolders (so on and so forth) including one titled power2go[something] which had many images (that looked like clip art) in it.  We deleted those folders, installed new security software, ran a scan, rebooted, tried again to import pictures, and the same error occured in photosmart essentials.  We called Apple support, but they could not help us. Any ideas what could suddenly be going wrong and how to fix it?  Thank you.
check print cartridge light keeps blink after i replaced cartridge
Sat, 14 Apr 2012 02:26:36 GMT

check print cartridge light keeps blink after i replaced cartridge
Win 7 64-bit driver needed for HP LaserJet 1012
Sat, 14 Apr 2012 00:52:29 GMT

I need a Win 7 64-bit driver for HP LaserJet 1012
Need to get copy of HP solutions center for my Officejet 6500 just changed to windows 7 64 and old d
Fri, 13 Apr 2012 22:03:48 GMT

switched form windows xp to windows 7 (64) and now can not load "HP Solutions Center".  Any place I can get upgraded program.
My printer just stopped printing... ? PLEASE HELP (uni student)!!
Fri, 13 Apr 2012 21:59:15 GMT

Hi everyone! I have a HP Deskjet 1050 printer... im a graphic design student and have a final in for next week!As you can imagine im in desperate need of advice/help. I was printing my work off illustrator had been for the past hour was fine, and also yesterday fine. 2 minutes later i press print and it now isnt doing anything. I went online and the HP print help and it said my printer was in "working order" it even printed off the test paper fine. i go back to my work to print .. nothing.Im on windows 7 proffesional 32-bit.  (if that helps) .. Also when i go on my printers and devices it says "The driver for ethernet controller is not installed. Install the latest driver for this device"   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP.... im in trouble if i cant get it working Thanks
HP deskjet 3845 not printing when using Microsoft Works.
Fri, 13 Apr 2012 20:55:06 GMT

My HP deskjet 3845 works for all applications, except Microsoft Works.  I have Windows XP.  When i try to print using MS Works, a box appears saying... "No default printer selected.  Use Windows Control Panel to specify your printer."  I think this problem began when I did a system recovery. Thanks.
scan to file option on hp photosmart c5180 not available
Fri, 13 Apr 2012 20:25:54 GMT

Have reinstalled latest update drivers and software for the HP Photosmart C5180.  Scan to file option not available and when trying to scan through HP Solution Center i get error :  Internal problem no scan destinations found please reinstall photo and imaging software.  Operating System is Windows Vista 64 bit.
Photosmart 2610 now printer only
Fri, 13 Apr 2012 19:33:11 GMT

I changed my desktop back to Vista 32 from win7.  It had previously run on this machine with that Vista.  Reinstalled AIO_CDB_FULL_NETWORK_enu_NB.exe on which it had worked before, following all instructiions about cables and power.  The 2610 is detected as a printer, but not a scanner.  Tried to reinstall to fix the problem.  No amount of uninstall, clean up, reinstall or tweaking has been able to help, because the driver install insists that I already have a better version and stops. I have gone so far  as to manually delete anything left by HP uninstall that I could identify, after running cleanup programs.  Still the installer insists the software is already there.  Nothing I can find addresses this, but I know I can't be unique.  Ideas? bem 
can not install my 4500 office jet with windows 7 32 bit. a fatal error appears
Fri, 13 Apr 2012 18:52:47 GMT

I try to install my new all in one 4500 office jet .my operating system is widows 7 32 bit.when the program tryes to install the software it is stuck after a few minutes and a "fatal error" apears regarding the widows 7. i have tryed to download the driver and software from HP .com and i get the same resaults. 

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